~ Hironymous Lang; 1553 ~

Factors Contributing To Disappearance of Honeybees

Friday, March 13, 2009 at 3:58pm

These may be factors; cross-country transport of bees, resulting in damage or weakened condition, climate~related and other environmental changes, disorientation, and queens removed from hives and placed in others... A queen orients the hive by her knowledge of the lay of the land. Killer bees or eradication efforts might affect other types. I think some bee-keepers feed them some nasty sugary solution... Genetic modifications in plants may be affecting some bees. Transmission towers, other harmful frequencies, or extreme noise and pollution... modern broad-spectrum poisons like Round-Up or cumulative levels of odd toxins..  new varieties of parasites, such as the varroa...Contrails [any vapors spreading, lingering and settling the way those "clouds" seem to do, has got to be lethal to the delicate bee.]  I wonder how rain-forest bees are doing.

Barbara Kim Thigpen
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Factors Contributing To Disappearance of Honeybees

Manuscrit enluminé par le Maître des Vitae Imperatorum (actif 1430–1450)


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Guayaki - Yerba Mate Revel Berry - 16 oz. Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel Berry Guayaki (gwy-uh-kee) Yerba Mate (yer-bah mah-tay) is made from the leaves of the celebrated South American rainforest holly tree (ilex paraguariensis). For centuries, South America's Ache Guayaki tribe have sipped yerba mate daily from a traditional gourd for its powerful rejuvenative effects. These rainforest people find tremendous invigoration, focus and nourishment in yerba mate and revere it as the "drink of the gods". Guayaki's Revel Berry is a flavorful tribute to the Ache Guayaki and their legendary beverage. BevNET Review : The Revel Berry flavor of Guayaki's canned yerba mate line is a pleasant mixture of USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients including yerba mate, sugar, hibiscus, yumberry juice, and organic flavors. The product's flavor is like an exotic twist on raspberry iced tea, with the biggest difference coming from the earthy flavor of the yerba mate. It's smooth and clean, lacking the grassy flavor that you get from steeping your own cup of mate. Like the other canned offerings from Guayaki, this variety has 150 mg of natural caffeine per can, making it a pretty potent pick-me-up as well. 

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Mild, with a mouth-warming hint of pepper and a smooth clean finish. Translucent yellow, sage which originated in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, gets its name from the Latin salvia [meaning 'to heal'].

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This resinous substance is collected by honeybees from tree barks and leaves. It is used by the highly industrious bees to sterilize the hive and to keep it disinfected. 

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Store honey in tightly covered containers in a warm dry place. Do not store in the refrigerator, since the honey will absorb moisture and become very thick. Stored properly honey can actually last several years.  The main reason honey doesn't go bad is because of its simple composition.  Its natural low moisture leads inherently to crystallization..

# Royal Project of Thailand - 100% Pure High Quality Honey 130g. From Flower and Longan Pollen --100 % Pure Honey.  We offer you High Quality of Thailand Honey. -- All Thai people trust this brand because His Majesty the King initiated the "Royal Chitralada Agricultural Projects" within the compound of his residence, Chitralada Villa.  Since 1961, the RoyalChitralada Projects have been implementing a diverse range of agricultural activities for experimentation and demonstration purposes. In addition, the projects operate on a non- profit basis.  In the implementation of the Royal Chitralada Projects, emphasis is placed on implementing His Majesty the King's initiatives called "Sufficiency Economy" that encourage the villagers to become self-sufficient and improve their long-term quality of life. Moreover, issues regarding optimal utilisation of the natural resources and agricultural input available in Thailand as well as agricultural byproducts and wastes are also emphasized. The projects rely on scientific and technological progress in conducting studies, research and experimentation. They are fully operational in order to promote and disseminate the knowledge by demonstration of simple methods suitable for individual farmers and all people who are interested.  Despite pure beeswax for the royal candle production, the Royal Chitralada Projects buy pure honey from the cooperatives for packaging and distribution. This aims to promote honey consumption and also support the beekeepers as the Northern Region Beekeeping Cooperatives and from the North Eastern region. The honey purchased has to pass quality control... 

Organic Honey from Sardinia by Liccu Manias Luigi Manias and his bees live and work in the rugged wind swept hills of Sadegna. He is obsessed with sustainability of the environment and tradition . He personally oversees all phases of the honey production. He's also Number One honey authority in Italy. Thanks to the floral richness of the island and the total absence of pollution, Sardegna is the Italian region that produces the most valuable honey.  Luigi Manias produces five varieties of organic honey: Millefiori (one thousand flowers); Eucalyptus; Cardoon; Asphodel and Corbezzolo, a rare honey from the Arbutus Unedo plant that hits the palate with a unique sweetness followed by a pungent and decidedly bitter after taste.

  • Harvested in Sardinia in pristine Mount D'Arci Natural Park
  • Organic. Rich taste, amber color, fruity and floral nuances
  • Like every good quality honey it's crystallized but smooth
  • Made by #1 Honey authority in Italy Luigi Manias
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Our Royal Jelly Pollen Propolis enriched Raw Honey is unheated, unprocessed & unfiltered so that all its attributes are fully preserved. Royal Jelly Pollen Propolis enriched Honey consists of pure raw honey (74-oz) enriched with all natural Royal Jelly (60,000mg), Bee Pollen (60,000mg) & Propolis (60,000mg).