A delicious blend of Matcha green tea powder and Xylitol (You can't believe it's not sugar). Great for Frappes, Lattes and Smoothies. Xylitol is a natural low-glycemic sweetener, manufactured from birch trees, corn, or other natural xylan-rich sources. It is metabolized independently of insulin and is safe for diabetes or anyone seeking a healthier life-style. Xylitol is not only a safe, natural sweetener without the bad side-effects of sugar and artificial substitutes, it's also good for your teeth, stabilizes insulin and hormone levels, and promotes good health. Our sugar free Frappe mix is blended with pure pharmaceutical grade Xylitol. Pure Xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. On food labels, xylitol is classified broadly as a carbohydrate and more narrowly as a polyol. Because xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized, a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other carbohydrates.

Instant Green Tea Frappe Smoothie & Latte Mix with Xylitol by Island Teas


  • All Natural
  • Safe for Diabetics
  • Safe for Hypoglycemia
  • 22 Calories per Serving
  • Low Caffeine

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables. Dental and medical professionals use xylitol worldwide since it's been clinically proven to fight cavities and reduce plaque. Xylitol tastes like sugar with 1/3 fewer calories. It is recommended for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia because it has a low glycemic index of 7. Xylitol also inhibits the metabolic process of cavity causing bacteria. Whether you're looking for a low calorie sweetener¸ an alternative to sugar for those with diabetes or hypoglycemia¸ or better dental health¸ Xylitol is a great tasting solution.  

Numi Tea~ Organic South American Rainforest Yerba Mate, Australian Rainforest Lemon Myrtle, & Chun mee Green Tea

This infusion unfolds into a lemon taste with sweet, earthy undertones. Its stimulating effect evokes a cheerful mental lucidity. 

100% organic South American Yerba Mate blend, 100% organic Lemon myrtle, 100% organic Chun mee green tea.


Harney and Sons Fine Teas Green Tea & Thai Flavors

  • 20 silken sachets
  • Caffeine content: 30-50 mg

A light hand-picked green tea is carefully blended with coconut, ginger, vanilla and lemongrass. The Harney family personally source their teas from the most reputable, established estates and gardens throughout Asia and India.  

The great kings of Egypt treasured licorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavor and restorative properties. Our Egyptian licorice tea brings you this royal herb in an intriguing blend of complementary spices. This tea is sure to delight with its delicious and satisfying taste, fusing organic licorice with sweet and spicy notes of savory cinnamon and zesty orange peel. Naturally warming, the herbs and spices in yogi Egyptian licorice have been traditionally used to support the respiratory and digestive systems. Enjoy this uniquely delectable tea any time, day or night. 


  • Certified organic by QAI, Inc.; caffeine-free
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Naturally warming, the herbs and spices in yogi Egyptian licorice have been traditionally used to support the respiratory and digestive systems.

Yogi Organic Egyptian Licorice & Herbs Tea Supplement (Pk of 6)

Organic licorice root, organic cinnamon bark, organic orange peel, organic ginger root, organic cardamom seed, natural flavors, organic black pepper, and organic clove bud.

Egyptian Licorice should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing. 

Wisdom of the Ancients Tea~ Pau d' Arco  (Purple Lapacho)   (Pack of 3)

Add 8-9 heaping Tbs. tea to two quarts of water (demineralized water is preferred).  Heat slowly, then simmer 10 minutes & strain.


100% inner lining (Phloem) of the Pau d’Arco (Purple Lapacho™) tree (Tabebuia Impetiginosa)



As with all our products at Gopala Organics, this Licorice was grown with care and love.

Licorice is a powerful detoxifier for the liver and the blood, naturally anti-viral with powerful anti-oxidant effects that work to purify and tone the liver and blood. The cooling energy of Licorice soothes inflammation in the liver, aiding in its natural rejuvenation and function.

Yastimadhu, or Licorice, is sweet and soothing ayurvedic herb with a variety of uses in ayurvedic medicine. Licorice detoxifies the lungs and liver primarily. It cools and soothes inflammation in the lungs and acts as an expectorant by helping to expel mucus buildup.  Licorice is a powerful detoxifier for the liver and the blood. Licorice is naturally anti-viral with powerful anti-oxidant effects that work to purify and tone the liver and blood. The cooling energy of Licorice soothes inflammation in the liver as well, aiding in its natural rejuvenation and function.


The extracts of licorice roots work like steroids; this helps lymphoma patients to gain body weight. The herb is also effective in inhibiting the growth of leukemias and lymphomas.


  • Top Rated by Coffee Drinkers
  • Certified Organic
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Antioxidant
  • Prebiotic

Organic Caffeine-free Coffee Substitute By Ayurvedic Roast

This is a non-instant coffee alternative that is brewed using a coffee machine, percolator, french press, or boiled in a pot. Certified organic, fresh roasted herbal coffee alternative. A premium coffee substitute with the rich taste of coffee, minus the harmful caffeine and chemicals.

Ayurvedic Roast is a USDA Certified Organic herbal coffee substitute that tastes like real coffee with no caffeine. Brews like coffee, drinks like coffee, without the edge and side effects of caffeine. It is the best tasting herbal coffee alternative currently available, and includes antioxidant, adaptogenic, prebiotic and immunity-enhancing organic herbs. Ayurvedic Roast is made with all organic ingredients, starting with fresh roasted barley, chicory root, and rye. On top of these healthy grains, we add our own unique herbal combination which has been used for centuries in the ancient tradition of Ayurveda: Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Brahmi.

More information on each Ayurvedic herb used in our blend:

  • Ashwagandha: Known as the the "ginseng of India", this incredible herb promotes strength and stability in the physiology, and is also an anti-oxidant. It builds immunity and strength, and calms the mind and body.
  • Shatavari: Possesing many of the benefits of Ashwagandha, it counterbalances its somewhat heating quality with it cooling effect, and augments their mutually beneficial effects on the body.
  • Brahmi: Commonly used in Ayurveda to lessen mental strain and worry*, it also helps increase intelligence and clarity*. In combination with the other 2 herbs, it has a soothing effect on the mind, while maintaining alertness.

The unique synergy of these three treasured organic herbs creates a soothing, uplifting, and strengthening effect on the mind, body, and spirit.


Now with twice the Andrographis! Provides Andrographis paniculata, an herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic formulas for supporting upper respiratory, liver, and immune system health. ~Provides amla fruit (Emblica officinalis), a vitamin C-rich fruit, which supplies antioxidant and revitalizing properties. ~Provides a specialized preparation of herbs, including mulberry leaf and apricot seed extracts, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support lung health. ~May encourage a positive immune response. 

Metagenics - Andrographis Plus - Tablets

Andrographis Plus combines a proprietary blend of Ayurvedic & Asian herbs designed to promote healthy immune function. 

Ave ULTRA 30 Packets by American BioSciences

Only Ships by 2nd Day on Ice. Will only ship on a Monday or a Tuesday.  Introducing AvULTRA, the dietary supplement with Avemar, a uniquely beneficial natural compound that has been the subject of more than 20 peer-reviewed publications describing in vitro, in vivo and human clinical trials.Its development was initiated by Dr. Albert Szent-Gyrgyi, recipient of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of vitamin C.  He theorized that supplemental quantities of the naturally occurring compound, Methoxy-Substituted Benzoquinones (DMBQ), would help regulate the processes of cellular metabolism and support mechanisms of immune system regulation.  Avemar is made from wheat germ fermented by bakers yeast through a patented process (US patent# 6,355,474), standardized for DMBQ. Studies conducted in the US, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Austria and Russia with Avemar prove Dr. Szent-Gyrgyi theories correct, with such dramatic results, its hard to believe its all-natural. Avemar is one of the most well-researched natural supplements in the entire industry! Medical experts around the world are astounded by the scientific research supporting Avemar, the ingredient in AvULTRA. Studies show that this ingredient works in three powerful ways to support a depleted immune system: Avemar regulates and modulates the immune system, so that all white blood cells do exactly what they are supposed to do at precisely the right time.  Avemar exposes harmful cells that are hiding from the immune system so that they can be destroyed by your body's Natural Killer (NK) cells.  Avemar helps to starve harmful cells by depriving them of the massive amounts of glucose they need to survive.  Avemar has been the subject of close to 100 studies in cell lines resulting in more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Hyssop Cleanse Tabs by Maximum Living

 If you want to increase your fiber intake, then Hyssop Cleanse is for you! Hyssop Cleanse combines psyllium husks, oat bran, hyssop, lactobacillus acidophilus, and many other herbs and nutrients specifically chosen to help maintain intestinal health.

North American Herb & Spice Heavenly Hyssop Tea

Heavenly Hyssop Tea - 2.8 OZ. This tea infusion is made from carefully crushed wild Canadian hyssop flowers and leaves. Licorice-like, wild hyssop has been used by the natives for hundreds of years for good health. Hyssop is the most-hardy of all Canadian wildflowers. Enjoy this powerful infusion made from the whole flower and leaf, with no waste. Take your Heavenly Hyssop infusion daily for better health.

Zi Su Geng (concentrated Extract Powder) (perilla Frutescens Stem)

  • 5:1 single Chinese herbs concentrated extract powder plum flower
  • 100 gram bottle
  • Take 2-3 grams , 2-3 times a day , add to hot water to make a tea drink


Hyssop Herbal Tea by the Herbal Gardens of South Florida

More modern herbalists portray Hyssop as an expectorant, which can be quite useful in treating coughs and other such illnesses of the lungs. It has also been shown to be a diaphoretic, used in the stimulation of sweating, and a carminative, used for expelling gas from the stomach and intestines to help relieve abdominal pain or flatulence. Hyssop is also frequently used in combination with Horehound for these purposes.

Hyssop has soothing, expectorant, and cough suppressant properties. The plant also includes the chemicals thujone and phenol, which give it antiseptic properties.  Hyssop has also been observed to stimulate the gastrointestinal system. It can be used to stabilize blood pressure. 

Widely known as a component in the French liquor of Chartreuse, Hyssop, or Agastache rupestris in Latin, is also used to produce the green coloring for which Absinthe is famous. Also within the culinary arts, it is sometimes used to add a bitter, minty flavor to soups. 

Stakich Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)     

Potent 4:1 herb to solvent ratio guarantees that all the qualities of the herb are fully protected.

Hyssop Herb Tea Organic by Celebration Herbals ~ (Multi-Pack)

5-unit VALUE PACK of Hyssop Herb Tea Organic by Celebration Herbals - 24 Bags - Hyssop, 24 bg 

  • Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) Extract
  • 100% Pure, Cold Pressed Extract
  • High Potency, Wild Crafted
  • Organically Produced

Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies Hyssop with Glycerine

Chest Congestion Formula Powder - Eyebright, Eucalyptus and Hyssop ...

Eclectic Institute Inc Hyssop Kids


Kids Hyssop No Alcohol Glycerite by Eclectic Institute 1 oz Liquid Hyssop kid 1oz Dried organically grown Hyssop ( Hyssopus officinalis ) flower leaf. Kosher vegetable glycerin 80 . Dry Herb Strength 1 4. Suggested for children over 1 year of age. 

Jason Winters Pre-Brewed Tea


Herbal Tea Instant by Jason Winters Tri-Sun Int. 4 oz Bulk Original Blend Contains Red Clover Indian Sage Leaf Oolong Tea Leaf Herbalene Blend (special spice). Flavored Blends Contain Red Clover Indian Sage Leaf Oolong Tea Leaf Herbalene Blend (special spice) and Natural Flavors. GHT Green Tea Blend Contains Red Clover Indian Sage Leaf Green Tea Leaf Herbalene Blend (special spice). Contains naturally occurring caffeine.

Hipp Natal Instant Herbal Tea for Breastfeeding Women

glucose, maltodextrin, herbal extracts 4% (lemon balm, nettle, caraway, anise, fennel, Goat's Rue).

Wisdom of the Ancients Instant Yerba Mate Royale


Black Seed Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed - Certified Organic - Nigella sativa, Herbies Herbs

Ricola Instant Herbal Tea, 200g can


Guang Dong Liang cold time instant herbal tea for cold, sore throat, fever 20 bags

            ~ Wang Lao ji ~

dried bamboo leaves, radix ilicis asprellae, helicters anyustifolial

Royal King Ganoderma Instant Herbal Tea ~ Product of China~



 Cane Sugar, Malt, Hawthorn Fruit, Massa Medicata Fermentata, Fructus Aurantii


Cane Sugar, Malt Dextrin, Ju Hua, Jin Yin Hua, Lu Gen, Dan Zhu Yu, Yu Xing Cao, Bai Mao Gen, Zhi Zi

Sprouted Barley & Hawthorn Berry Chinese Herbal Instant Tea

Prince of Peace Tea Dong Quai And Red Date

Extracts of Dong Quai & Red Date, Cane Sugar, Glucose, Honey.

Natural Jujube Red Date, Longan Dragon Eye and Goji Instant Herbal Tea

 Goji Contains 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more protein than whole wheat . Contains complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, including beta-carotene (a better source than even carrots) and zeaxanthin (protects the eyes). Goji berries are among the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods. Red date and Longan are great for women. Chinese red date, also named as jujube, is originated in China where it has been cultivated for several thousand years. It is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. It s rich in amino acids and trace elements. 

Goji, Red Date and Longan are three traditional natural foods widely used in Chinese medicine. 

Dandy Blend 2 lb. Bag


The sweetness some perceive in Dandy Blend is primarily from the fructose that occurs naturally in the roots of dandelion and chicory... It contains over 50 trace minerals in each cup, most of which the body uses to help synthesize compounds needed in metabolism... To Americans, dandelion may be considered a weed, but to people all over the world it is a valued vegetable and highly respected herbal medicine. It is one of the top six herbs in the Chinese medicine chest...  With Dandy Blend, you are a winner in three ways it tastes like coffee, it costs the same or less than coffee, and it is healthy.


Guo Yi Tang - All Natural Instant Motherwort Herbal Tea

  • Made with the dried upper part of Chinese Motherwort herbs, All Natural
  • Special formula used by Chinese women for over thousands of years
  • Helps to nourish women's reproductive system and help regain healthy blood circulation
  • This tea help women to look younger and feel healthier
  • Product of China, 20 Tea bags

Sprouted Breads

Cake-like, sprouted bread, yeast free bread, vegan organic bread, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents.

Organic Certified, Kosher Certified

  USDA-seal_BxW OU_logo_LG
Banana Walnut Hemp
Banana Walnut Hemp
1 Loaf (12.3 oz)
Carrot Raisin
Carrot Raisin
1 Loaf (14 oz)
Cinnamon Date
Cinnamon Date
1 Loaf (14 oz)
Fig, Fennel & Flax
Fig, Fennel & Flax
1 Loaf (12.3 oz)
Fruit & Nut
Fruit & Nut
1 Loaf. (14 oz)
Millet Rice
Millet Rice
1 Loaf (14 oz)
1 Loaf (14 oz)
20% off
1 Loaf (14 oz)
Whole Rye - No Wheat
Whole Rye - No Wheat
1 Loaf (14 oz)



MAHARISHI AMRIT KALASH MAK 4 & 5 Combo Pak - Herbal Fruit Concentrate 600g + Ambrosia 500mg 60 Tablets

Nectar Paste: Phyllanthus emblica 1.47g, Terminalia chebula .73g, Santalum Album 67mg, Mesua Ferrea 67mg, Convolulus Pluricaulis 47mg, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 51mg, Eletteria Cardamomum 51mg, Centella Asiatica 47mg, Curcuma Longa 34mg, Piper Longum 34mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra 34mg, Embelia Ribes 34mg, Cyperus Rotundus 22mg, Cyperus Scariosus 22mg, Ghee .44g, Honey .43g, Jaggery 6.42g Ambrosia Tablets: Withania Somnifera 90mg, Glycyrrhiza Glabra 90mg, Ipomoea digitata 90mg, Asparagus adescendens 90mg, Embelica officinalis 20mg, Tinospora cordifolia 20mg, Asparagus recemosus 20mg, Vitex trifolia 20mg, Convolvulus pluricaulis 20mg, Argyreia speciosa 10mg, Curculigo orchioides 10mg, Capparis aphylla 10mg, Acacia arabica 10mg
Maharishi Ayurveda's Amrit Kalash is an ancient Ayurvedic formulation for the rejuvenation of the body and mind. It is a unique treatment designed to revitalize the bodies auto-immune system by inducing the production of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), a natural enzyme which scavenges free radicals. The Amrit Kalash treatment is composed of a special herbal fruit concentrate, known in Ayurveda as a Rasayana, made of 38 herbs blended in Cow Ghee, and potent herbal tablets made of 13 herbs. It strengthens the immune system, restores physiological balance (homeostasis), and counter-acts the effects of degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis and multiple-sclerosis. It does this primarily by scavenging and eliminating free radicals in the body and blood. It is estimated that free radicals are responsible for about 75% of all degenerative diseases, due to their ionic state being highly reactive and prone to partially decompose any tissue they come in contact with. This special combo offers hitherto unparalleled reduction of the presence of free radicals, and remarkably effective treatment of a great many diseases which result from them. However, the actions of Amrit Kalash are two fold. In addition to its potent anti-oxidant properties, it is highly nourishing to all tissues of the body and detoxifying to the blood. Much independent scientific research has been done on the effects of this unique combo treatment, and its remarkable effects have been almost universally corroborated. It has been shown effective in the treatment of everything from stress, anxiety, depression and lethargy, to more serious conditions like congestive heart conditions, various scleroses, and those following chemotherapy. Maharishi's Amrit Kalash combo is an all natural herbal formulation that prevents and treats some of the most dangerous diseases of our times. 


This Jaggery is completely free of any animal products and made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Sugar Cane. As with all our products at Gopala Organics, this sugar cane is grown with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India.  

Jaggery is a raw cane sugar rich in vitamins and minerals with a wide range of health benefits. It is made from mature tropical sugar cane by a completely natural and chemical free process that has been passed down through the ages. The process is actually very simple and intuitive. The sugar cane stalk from which Jaggery is made is first pressed and squeezed until every last drop of the nectar is drawn from it. This thick, white and wonderfully nutritious syrup is then boiled until all the water evaporates and only sugars, vitamins, and minerals remain. The final product is a dense golden brown cake of nutritious crystals that is the healthiest form of sugar in the world. It has a rapport for healing in many ways that has won it an important place in healing science of Ayurveda. This raw sugar brings all the rich nutrients of the sugar cane to your table, leaving nothing behind. While refined sugars are so heavily processed that they contain little more than sucrose and glucose, Jaggery contains five times as many vitamins and minerals as brown sugar and as much as fifty times more than white sugar! This makes a big difference to your body. Jaggery contains many essential ingredients that both help with general bodily functions and its assimilation into the body. It contains good levels of sodium and magnesium which help balance the osmotic forces of the body and the cells. This helps to relax muscles and relieve fatigue of blood vessels and nerves, rendering it beneficial for asthma, migraine, tension, and muscle soreness. It also contains high levels of iron, which is necessary for healthy blood and proper circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

All Organic * All Raw * All Vegan Lydia's Organic Raw Sunflower Seed Bread is made from vegetables, herbs, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds. It can be eaten as a giant crunchy cracker; or rehydrate with a little water. All Lydia's Loving Foods are made with all raw, living, organic vegan ingredients and prepared with love. Lydia's products are all grainless, gluten-free, oil-free and soy-free. All Organic Ingredients: Sprouted sunflower seeds, carrots, celery, sprouted flax, parsley, basil, dulse, herbs, Himalayan Crystal Salt. Dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the "life force". Let Lydia love you! Lydia's Loving Foods, Lydia's Organics Net wt.: 8 oz (6 slices) 

Raw Organic Lydia's Sunflower Seed Bread

Chyawanprash is a delicious herbal jam and one of the most celebrated rasayanas in Ayurvedic medicine. It is often called the elixir of life because of its many and powerful healing effects, which range from general doshic balancing and rejuvenation, to immune support and anti-aging. Legend has it that this rasayana was first made for the great sage Chyawan by his pupils, the Ashvini twins, whom seeing his aged and deteriorating state wished to give him back his youth. It is said that after using this jelly he regained his youth and continued to teach for many years. The jelly was thus named Chyawanprash, or Chyawan's Jelly. It is a potent combination of more than thirty of the finest fruit, herbs, and spices blended in a base of ghee and jaggery, and has been a blessing to the health of many people for thousands of years. The primary ingredient of Chyawanprash is the great Amla fruit. It is a potent fruit known as the nurse for its broadly applicable healing properties. Consequently, it plays a central role in many ayurvedic treatments. Amla has been thoroughly researched by modern science and is shown to have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancerous effects. It is known to bear a high level of anti-oxidants and tannins, in addition to an average of 3000mg of Vitamin C per fruit in a heat stable form which is not disrupted by processing, that's as much as two dozen oranges. Amla mix in proper proportion with more than 30 other herbs and spices in a base of Ghee and Jaggery, or Pure Sugar, makes the potent and rejuvenating Herbal Jelly known as Chyawanprash. This Chyawanprash is completely free of any animal products and made with 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. As with all our products at Gopala Organics, the ingredients for this Chyawanprash are grown with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India. 


When combined with ayurvedic herbs Honey helps to deliver the healing properties of these ayurvedic herbs to the blood and has a warming effect that can be particularly effective for respiratory conditions. This Honey is completely free of any animal products and 100% USDA Certified Organic. As with all our products at Gopala Organics, this honey is made by happy bees with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India. 

        Essiac Herbal Tea

Organic Arjuna Bark Powder ~ 1/2 Lb, by Banyan Botanicals


In Ayurvedic medicine Arjuna is the foremost rejuvenative for the heart. It strengthens and tones the circulatory system and promotes proper function of the heart muscles. Arjuna's strengthening and toning actions help maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range. It is also used to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and to support healthy coagulation. Arjuna is traditionally used to promote emotional balance for those experiencing grief and sadness. It is said to mend a 'broken heart' and to impart courage and strengthen the will. 

Gopala Arjuna Powder  USDA Certified Organic

Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly copper, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, which are necessary for many essential bodily processes. This Arjuna is completely free of any animal products and includes only 100% USDA Certified Organic Arjuna. As with all our products at Gopala Organics, this Arjuna was grown with care and love at our jungle farm in Karnataka, India.  

Chyawanprash - 100% Usda Certified Organic


Dr. Zhang's Herbal Formulas Cancer Support Formula Cancer Support Formula is a strong formula made from two groups of herbs that have historically been used by the Chinese to fight cancer and enhance immunity. Dr. Zhang has successfully used this formula in her clinical practice to help patients fight various types of cancer.

         ES-4 (Cancer Formulae)

E.S.-4 has been used by herbalists for cancer treatment and long term rejuvenating programs. This extract is a blend of Burdock root, Sheep's Sorrel leaf, Slipper Elm bark and Turkey Rhubarb root. Their specific uses are listed below. BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappa): Traditionally used to reduce inflammation and control bacterial infection. Known by herbalists to be a valuable remedy for the treatment of skin conditions and for psoriasis when used over a long period of time. as well as a tonic and alterative herb that brings strengthening and cleansing to the entire system Has been used for rheumatic complaints when they are associated with psoriasis. May stimulate digestion and appetite, and promote bile flow. SHEEP'S SORREL LEAF (Rumex acetosella): Known for its astringent qualities in treating hemorrhages of the stomach. May allow the body to function properly by loosening, helping to dissolve and aid in the expelling of gravel from the kidneys. Can be a rich source of vitamins and minerals. SLIPPERY ELM BARK (Ulmus rubra): Sweet, mucilaginous, laxative herb; has traditionally been used to sooth and lubricate tissues, draw out toxins, and promote healing for indigestion, digestive irritation and stomach ulcers. Has been used by herbalists to sooth the alimentary canal. Traditionally used for gastritis and gastric or duodenal ulcers. TURKEY RHUBARB ROOT (Rheum palmatum): Traditionally used to help increase salivary and gastric flow and improve appetite. Herbalists have used it to support the colon as a simple and safe purgative and as an astringent in diarrhea. Has been used by herbalists in small doses as a good tonic herb that builds and cleanses the blood. May cleanse the liver by encouraging bile flow. May help encourage the healing process of duodenal ulcers and enhance gall bladder function. Modern herbal references describe this product as ideal for disorders of the colon, spleen and liver. Cautions: May cause constipation. 

Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Arjuna, 550mg - 120 Tablets

Terminalia arjuna is a deciduous tree found throughout India, the bark of which has been used in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism to support cardiovascular health for over three centuries. According to animal research, Terminalia arjuna may help maintain healthy phospholipid and triglyceride levels, and has demonstrated antioxidant activities comparable to Vitamin E. 

Arjuna is the bark of a tree very closely related to those of the fruit found in the celebrated Triphala formulation. It is the most powerful heart tonic in Ayurvedic medicine and is the foundation of the treatment of all heart related conditions. By treating one of the most vital organs of the body it is a very important herb for a range of conditions, promoting both proper heart functioning and aiding in longevity. Arjuna has many effects which are beneficial for the heart and related functions of the body. Arjuna reduces total cholesterol in the body, and balances levels of good cholesterol, i.e. HDL. This makes it an effective blood thinner and important for proper circulation, while not compromising the natural coagulation of the blood that is necessary for the healing of wounds. Arjuna also helps regulate blood pressure by relaxing the muscles of the body, relieving stress and encouraging their natural operation. Consequently, it improves operation of the heart muscle, both by toning the heart and relieving the stress which causes hyper-activity and irregular heartbeats. Arjuna also helps relieve psychological stress and nervousness.

* In the J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol 2001;20:9-14 documents a study that indicates its anti-mutagenic or anti-cancer potential and advised to explore it further. Arjuna has compounds that protect against DNA damage from toxins.
* two weeks of therapy with this medicinal herb leads to reversal of impaired function in endothelium of smokers. 

Since human studies in Western countries with arjuna herb are quite limited, we don't have a good idea how long arjuna should be taken without a break. To be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to be off arjuna one or two days a week, and one week per month.  [From Herbal Hut.com ~ A Natural Approach To A Vibrant Life]


burdock root, the inner bark of slippery elm, sheep sorrel, Turkish rhubarb, watercress, blessed thistle, red clover


Artemisinin  Capsules Concentrated Herbal Extract

Get Well Natural LLC's Artemisinin (a sesquiterpene lactone) is the active component isolated from the natural herb Artemisia annua (Qinghaosu) which has been long used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat many illnesses such as multi-drug resistant strains of malaria and skin diseases.* This pure form provides a much higher concentration than the whole herb itself making the need to take hundreds of pills obsolete. Research has shown artemisinin to be particularly beneficial in balancing the microbiology of the GI tract.* Additional Information: Artemisinin is currently being used in early research by Henry Lai and Narenda Singh of the University of Washington for its activity against cancer as described in their published paper in Cancer Letters, 1995. *The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 



Naturade KB-11 Herbal Diuretic Tablets

Stakich Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) 4 oz Liquid Extract - Top Quality~ Wildcrafted

Hyssop has soothing, expectorant, and cough suppressant properties. The plant also includes the chemicals thujone and phenol, which give it antiseptic properties. It has been also used in the formulation of eye drops and mouthwash. Hyssop has also been observed to stimulate the gastrointestinal system. Hyssop can be used to stabilize blood pressure. 

   Cardamom Liquid Extract   Tincture


Cardamom is a pungent aromatic herbaceous perennial plant growing in tropical rainforests...  The leaves are alternate in two ranks, linear-lanceolate, with a long pointed tip. The flowers are white to lilac or pale violet, produced in a loose spike... The fruit is a three-sided yellow-green pod containing several black seeds. Cardamom has been used medicinally for centuries in India and China as a carminative, stimulant, and to treat urinary problems. Preliminary findings from laboratory research suggest that regular use of cardamom might help prevent colon tumors. Cardamom have found application as antiseptic and local anesthetic, antioxidant, health promoting and disease preventing roles. It is broadly used in South Asia to treat infections in teeth and gums, to prevent and treat throat troubles, congestion of the lungs and pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammation of eyelids and also digestive disorders. It is also used to break up kidney stones and gall stones, and was reportedly used as an antidote for both snake and scorpion venom. Cardamom increases appetite and soothes the mucous membrane. It relieves gas and heart-burn caused by garlic and onion. Cardamon is excellent diuretic for the treatment of gonorrhoea, cystitis, nephritis, burning micturation or urination and scanty urination. It is also can be used as a remedy in the treatment of depression. Cardamon is useful in such dysfunctions like impotency and premature ejaculation. Infusion of cardamom cures pharyngitis, sore-throat, relaxes uvula, or the fleshy conical portion at the back of the tongue, and hoarseness during the infective stage of influenza. 

Recommended and endorsed by Gayelord Hauser. Swiss Kriss is naturally different. Known world-wide as the smoothest, most satisfying laxative, Swiss Kriss is 100% natural, contains no harsh synthetic drugs. Effective ingredients consist entirely of nature' 


Swiss Kriss Natural Herbal Laxative Flake Form  (Pack of 6)

I learned of Swiss Kriss decades ago.  I have used it a number of times... & I wouldn't want to switch to any other brand.  It only takes a pinch & tastes sweet.  [Real Provision]

Herbs Etc - Phytocillin Professional Strength Alcohol Free

I have used Phytocillin a number of times.  [great for tooth abscess]  It works as rapidly as pharmaceutical antibiotics. [Real Provision]

Herbs Etc - Phytocillin Professional Strength Alcohol Free Herbal Formula - 1 oz. (29.5 ml) Herbs Etc.   Phytocillin Professional Strength Herbal Formula is useful for mouth, gum, stomach or intestinal infections. Phytocillin Professional Strength Herbal Formula responds rapidly to respiratory infections including sinus, throat, lungs, bronchioles.  Phytocillin Professional Strength Herbal Formula can be used internally for either gram-positive or gram-negative bacterial infections as well as viral and fungal infections.  Phytocillin Professional Strength Herbal Formula can be used externally for Staph, Strep or fungal infection, athlete's foot, ringworm or as a douche in Trichomonas infection.   Phytocillin Professional Strength Herbal Formula can be used externally for abrasions, skin ulcers, boils, pressure ulcers (i.e., bed sores), impetigo, skin infections or burns.  Usnea, also known as old man's beard, is not a plant but a lichen; a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus. The entire lichen is used medicinally.  Usnea looks like long, fuzzy strings hanging from trees in the forests of North America and Europe, where it grows.  Due to its bitter taste, usnea stimulates digestion and was historically used by herbalists to treat indigestion. It was also reportedly used over 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Greece, and China to treat unspecified infections. Herbs Etc.   

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